Our Values

Careful Curation is at the heart of everything we do. But there's more to it than that. Our ultimate goal is to create an experience where we can truly help people get what they want. We want to take care of our customers. That's why we take a very personal approach to our customer service. But part of what we do goes beyond our stores.

We strive to have a positive impact in the world. That means everything from the language on our site to working with suppliers that have sustainable practices. We set a high ethical bar for ourselves and we operate with integrity and fairness. But most of all, we believe in having respect for people--just the way they are. That means that equality and diversity are not just things to tout--they're an essential part of who we are.

We just got started, but we are already working with some small groups and providing funding or products to help their fundraising efforts. Is there something we can do to help you? Get in touch with us. We'll do what we can. We plan to work with different organizations on a larger scale as well. We want to do more and we WILL do more as resources allow.